Pre Nur and Nursery Draw list 2019-20

Prevention on Sexual Harassment Committee in the School.

Reference is made to letter no. DEO/UT/E-5/2012/16545-46 dated 31.08.2012 on the subject cited above.
The School reconstituted the above mentioned committee and names of the committee members are as follows under the chairmanship of the Principal.
Chairperson:Mrs. Shashi Bala, Principal
Vice Head:Mrs. Uma Malhotra
Teacher Incharge:Mr. Indrajit Majumdar
Counselor:Mrs. Neelam Joshi
Teacher Members:1. Mr. Ravinder Nath
2. Mrs. Charanjit Tiwana
3. Mrs. Sharanjit Kaur
4. Mrs. Neeru Siani
5. Mrs. Seema Sharma